Wooly Rabbit's Power (120 Tablets)

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Rabbit of Chikara is formulated with highly concentrated functional food with care by Wooly.  This power supplement aids in immunity, secretion, neurology, circulatory and digestive systems. This formula is said to promote the prevention of disease and aid in recovery.

Friendly plant placenta like the caluiflower fungus is beneficial to the rabbit. The Rabbit power was formulated with well-balanced of three types of plant material agarooligosaccharides, that specializes in  the natural healing power and high-density functional supplement. It target problems like eye boogers, watery eyes, dull hair gloss, unaligned hair growth, a scheduled of surgery, diet plans, healing of wounds is slow. It is highly recommended to be taken daily to maintain good health.

Ingredients:  Plant Placenta sparassis-agarooligosaccharide Apple fiber cellulose ,vinegar lactose, dextrin

Size: 120 Tablets (1 package 12 tablets containing × 10 follicles) 

Feeding method:

Estimated way of giving base on body weight

1kg below 1 tablet / day body weight 2kg and ...... 2 tablets / day body weight 3kg below ...... 3 tablets / day ※ For the first month, Please give two times the amount of the above described. 


 ● Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place.
 ● This product is a rabbit only.
 ● Please keep put in place out of reach of children.
 ● After opening please keep it in airtight container to retain the optimum condition of the product.