The story of Momi starts about a quarter of decade ago in the first hay sourcing duty for a world class equestrian in Hong Kong. 

Professional hay sourcing business is all about getting safe and premium hays consistently. We are working closely with the hardworking and knowledgeable farmers to produce high quality products. 

Momi family committed to provide the best hays to clients since the first duty, and we walk our talk everyday. 

In year 2009, Momi family started to develop animal care products. All good performance starts with clear goals. We wrote “Probably the best rabbit food in the world” on each of our products because that’s where we are going. We take the commitment seriously and we make the commitment by caring every single detail of the whole work flow, including hay selection, nutrition analysis, inspection, testing, packaging material and work, delivery and storage. 

All Momi hays are graded to be premium and sourced from the farms where grow hays for professional racing horses, and for international events like Olympic game 2008 equestrian competition. Indeed, all Momi hays are certified by United States Department of Agriculture, to be free from quarantine pests and any chemical which would damage animal's health.