Wooly Lactic Acid Bacteria Soft Tablets (expiry 29 June 2018)

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Expiry 29 June 2018

Rabbit intestines accounted for about half of the rabbit body size.  Not only does it plays a important role in the absorption of food nutrients, it also gathered a large number of immune cells to maintain the rabbit health.

Lactic Acid Bacteria promote the peristaltic motion of the intestines and create lactic acid which aid to stimulate the bowel movement. Once peristaltic motion is activated, it improve digestion and nutrition absorption.  

Lactic Acid can effectively control the number of bad bacteria. For various reasons (change of season, stress, and environmental change) bad bacteria may increased, producing harmful toxins (such as ammonia) for the rabbit. These are absorbed into the body, causing disease and aging. Lactic acid bacteria will adsorb various harmful substances that produced the bad bacteria, and eliminated them from the digestive system.  It removes the "dirt" in the gut.

3 kinds of lactic acid bacteria are used in the Wooly Lactic Acid Bacteria product.  These are good bacteria present in the intestines, each with different functions.

  1. Bifidobacteria established a balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria present in the gut, for it to actively work of the intestine. Another benefit of the present of good bacteria encourage defecation.
  2. Ferikasu bacteria improve immunity compared to the general lactic acid bacteria.  It is said to have the effect of increasing the natural healing power. Because it has the ability to survive in the stomach, it is able to reach the intestine compare to lactic acid bacteria.
  3. Spore bacteria due to the "shell "around bacteria, it is able to withstand high temperature, gastric acid, bile. Therefore, it increase the possibility that most of lactic acid bacteria to survive in the intestine as compare to the rest of bacteria. Once the growth cracked the shell, it start making lactic acid, it suppress the growth of harmful bacteria, and maintain the balance in the gut.

Compared to the Wooly Lactic Acid Bacteria Standard, this tablets is softer and is easier to crumble. Specially formulated for baby rabbit, senior rabbit, rabbit on a diet and rabbits that suffer from dental problems. 1 tablet (0.2g) of Wooly Lactic Acid Bacteria provides one tenth of the rabbit needs.


  • 150gm (15 packs containing about 10 tablets each)


Lactic Acid Bacteria, Apple Fibre, Lactose, Dietary Fiber

Analytical Component

  • Crude Protein 0.9%     
  • Crude Fat 5.2%  
  • Crude Fibre 6.3% 
  • Moisture 3.4%      
  • Ash 0.4%  
  • Phosphorus 0.025% 
  • Calcium 0.018 % 


    • Dose: 1 tablets for about 1kg of body weight (per day)
    • Please Note: Wooly Lactic Bacteria and Wooly Active E should NOT be given at same time and should be stagger at 2 hour interval 
    • This product is a rabbit supplement, non-staple food.
    • Avoid direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place.  Please keep it out of reach of children. 
    • After opening please keep it in airtight container to retain the optimum condition of the product
    • It has slight sour smell