Wooly Italian Ryegrass Young (450g)

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Italian ryegrass is known to be the King of Grass as it has the highest content of amino acids, the building blocks of life! Popular among rabbits and other small animals due to its palatability.

Wild rabbits will choose to eat sprouts of young grass with soft branches during spring to summer.  In autumn, they will eat some dry leaves, dead grass, and fruits. In winter, there are only a variety of ingredients that are produced according to different seasons, such as "weeds, bark, and tree fruits that have stopped growing under the snow".

Wooly hopes that the rabbit pets raised in the family can eat a variety of rich pastures and various food materials just like the rabbits grown in nature, so as to absorb the nutrients needed by the body and maintain a balanced nutrition of the body.

The soft Italian Ryegrass is high palatable are rated as the best among gramineous forages!  With a little sweetness, this is a delicious pasture  our small animals.  The nice amount of stalk harvest from these first cut grass provide the much needed fiber for a healthy digestive system.

Analytical Constituents 

  • Crude protein 9% - 14%
  • Crude fibre 2.5% - 4.1%
  • Total Fiber 24% - 45%
  • Crude fats 2.5% - 4.1%
  • Calcium 0.3% - 0.43% 
  • Crude ash 6% - 9%