Vetark Professional Pro-C Probiotic

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This probiotic is designed for routine use for rabbits, guinea pigs and all pets.  ProC is based on our veterinary product AVIPRO PLUS and it is designed for frequent and routine use.  ProC contains prebiotic soluble fibre, probiotic enhanced with vitamin C and added chlorophyll as an intestinal absorbent and a natural detoxifier. It is highly palatable.

A key role of probiotics help to maintain the appropriate conditions which favour the animals own bacteria, thus helping the animal to counter conditions which might disturb this balance. (example stress)

Part of the effect of probiotics is to flood the gut with non pathogenic bacteria to produce acidic conditions which are inhospitable to unwanted E-coli.


Add 1 (one) scoop per 200ml of drinking water. Pro-C probiotic can also be sprinkled on food. Ensure that the lid is replaced to prevent contamination.

size: 100gm

Please note, if you add the probiotic to the drinking water, please replace the unconsumed drinking water after 24 hours.

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