Small Pet Select Nutri-Rescue (30ml)

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  • Nutri-Rescue contains not only fiber and basic nutrition but also contains pre-biotics formulated specifically for herbivores.  
  • The banana powder used in the formulation acts as a prebiotic fiber, but the formulation does not have probiotics added.
  • Comes in a paste or liquid, whatever is easier for you to administer.  Both are much easier than powders that must be mixed up, and deliver a much more consistent dose.  And a bonus: you don't have to mess with the rehydrated powder formulas gunking up the feeding syringe! We find the paste to be a huge, huge help with animals who like to dribble syringe-fed food out of the corners of their mouths, or are in danger of aspiration with thinner formulas.
  • Energy-dense, essential fatty acid-enhanced, and medium-chain triglyceride charged
  • Contains the most carefully developed and sourced ingredients of any formula, anywhere, ever. We've gone as far as the Amazon rainforest to find the safest, most effective plants and plant derivatives.  Then we've brought them back and used proprietary processes to get the most out of every drop.  
  • Has a consistency similar to olive oil

Nutri-Rescue is your new go-to when your animal stops eating, and you need a quick reboot for the GI tract.

No more inaccurate dosages!  No more gunky stuff clogging up syringes!  No more unnatural additives!

Dosage for general dietary supplement:  

  1. Weight (pounds) 


    Dose (ml) 


    less than 10 

    1 tsp 

    AM / PM 

    10 – 30 

    1 tbs 


    AM / PM 

    30 – 60 

    2 tbs 


    AM / PM 

    60 + 

    3 tbs 


    AM / PM 

Shake well. Keep from freezing and high temperatures. Refrigerate after opening.Use a standard cooking measuring spoon to dose.


        Crude Protein (min)  3.25%

         Crude Fat (min)       48.0%               

              -Vitamin A (min)     20,000  IU/kg  

              -Vitamin D3 (min)  1666.6  IU/kg  

              -Vitamin E (min)        333.3 IU/kg 

              -Thiamine  (min)             6.0 mg/kg 

              -Riboflavin  (min)         7.3 mg/kg

              -Vitamin C (min)         233.3 mg/kg 

              -Niacin   (min)               83.33 mg/kg 

              -Pantothenic Acid  (min) 40.0  mg/kg  

              -Folic Acid  (min)                2.0  mg/kg 

              -Omega 3 Fatty Acids (min) 43333.3 mg/kg 

Nutri Rescue Paste: 0.9 mg in 30 ml specific gravity of 1.

Nutri Recovery Paste: 8.4 mg in 30 ml specific gravity of 1.

*The calcium values will not always be the same because they vary in the natural products we use. We do not guarantee calcium levels.


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