Rodipet ZooDi Glazed Ceramic Bowl for Fresh Veggies(28cm Ø)

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This ZooDi® glazed ceramic food bowl is just perfect for feeding fresh greens and veggies to a little group of rabbits or guinea pigs. As its circumference is about 90 cm (ca. 35 in) there is plenty of room for your pets to eat without getting into each other’s way. What’s more, the bowl’s special shape prevents rabbits and guinea pigs lying down inside it, which would result in other pets being denied access as well as the food getting soiled.

  • Made from glazed ceramic
  • Stable
  • With bollard to prevent food couching
  • With straight sides for comfortable access
  • Can be used by up to 4 animals at once
  • 28cm Ø

Dimensions: Diameter: 28 cm Rim Height: 4.5 cm Total Height: 11 cm