Rodipet +GRANiT House DALANi for Pet Rodents (31x17x14.5cm)

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  • made from birch wood and granite
  • cooling lookout post
  • natural nail care
  • removable roof
  • 31 x 17 cm

Hamster house featuring 2 rooms and a granite roof for Syrian hamsters.  Spacious two room hidey house. A sturdy,removable granite roof gently shortens nails as your pet runs over it and even provides some cooling in summer, and a removable wooden roof can be used as a lookout area or for placing things like a sand bath or a drinking station.

Being divided into two separate chambers, this house permits your pet to create separate areas for different purposes, encouraging their natural behaviour.

Spacious and exclusive domicile: The opening to the sleeping chamber in the back is as far from the front entrance of the house as possible to ensure your pet will be able to retreat to a dark and quiet sleeping space and feel right at home. And there's enough room for a cozy nest and an ample food stash as well as a Rodipet® Ceramic Corner Toilet .

Our Rodipet® +GRANiT rodent houses are designed to fit into any cage that complies with German animal wellfare regulations (i. e. 100 x 50 cm / 40 x 20 inches minimum floor space). They can be placed in a corner to save space or as a feature in the middle of the cage.

Why is the roof removable? Hamsters and most other small pet rodents tend to store food in their houses. A removable roof allows the human to check and remove any fresh foods that may go bad in storage (e. g. fruit and veg) without destroying the nest. Moreover, if there are babies about they can be checked on without too much disturbance.

Especially during the first few days after a new pet has moved in, when they are still shy and there is not yet an established routine it is comforting just to know that you could have a peep into their house and check if they are alright.

The Rodipet® +GRANiT House DALANi is suitable for both solitary pets like hamsters and pets like gerbils that prefer life as pairs or in small groups: Solitary hamsters love being able to use the second chamber as a dedicated storage space for the food they gather, whereas for social animals like gerbils an extra room can permit individuals to spend a little time on their own (e. g. in the event of a slight disagreement) and still keep close to the comfort and safety of their group.

Corner toilet fits into every room! Most rodents "do their business" in corners, particularly within their favourite hideout. While finding ones pet has "messed" inside their house may be annoying, this trait can also come in very handy when it comes to cleaning the cage and improving hygiene: Simply fill a corner toilet with a little sand and place it in one room of the house. Most animals will instinctively use this as their bathroom and leave the rest of their home clean.

With this house there is plenty of space for a Rodipet® Ceramic Corner Toilet COMFORT – Size M in either room.

Rodipet® brand quality

All of our wooden products are made with a lot of love for animals. This implies precision craftsmanship and careful finishing. Splinters and traces of glue on the surface are removed. Nails, staples and other potentially hazardous aids are not used in Rodipet® products at all. To make sure that sensitive little noses and paws are perfectly safe with Rodipet® wooden items we check each and every single item before it leaves our workshop.

Nail care par excellence: Our pets' wild cousins run over sticks and stones and dig tunnels, which naturally shortens their nails. In human care, this natural process usually happens at a much smaller scale, if at all.

The rough granite surface of the Rodipet® +GRANiT House DALANi for Pet Rodents offers pets an opportunity to shorten their nails just by walking on it, avoiding complications that can occur from overgrown nails.

Discover the Secret: You can easily lift either part of the roof of the Rodipet® +GRANiT House DALANi. Even sleeping inside the luxurious house your pet will barely notice. This allows for minimal disturbance checks at all times. Although liftable, the roof is constructed in such a way that your pet cannot move or lift it.

By the way: the roof is an excellent location for a drinking vessel or a small bowl containing fruit or vegetables. This provides additional motivation for climbing the roof, and your pet will shorten their nails by simply walking on it.

Quality craftsmanship: Prime materials and loving, careful workmanship make the Rodipet® +GRANiT House DALANi a high class home for dwarf hamsters and other small rodents. To make it a truly animal appropriate product we use carefully selected birch wood. This is a particularly breathable and absolutely rodent-safe product, creating a healthy living environment.

Handy temperature control By nature, rodents do not bear heat very well. In the wild, they hide out inside their cool subterranean burrows when it gets hot. You can use the granite roof to help recreate this effect. In summer, the granite slab can provide some pleasant cool for your pet.

Tip for hot days: When it is particularly hot, you can signifficantly increase the cooling effect by sprinkling or spraying a little water on the granite roof.

This is where your pet can feel really comfy.  Within the breathable birch wood walls of the Rodipet® +GRANiT House DALANi your pet rodent can feel perfectly safe and comfortable. Thanks to the removable roof, the nest remains intact even after a check, so your pet will always find a familiar resting place inside the enclosure.

Why is the entrance 7 cm wide? A fully grown Syrian hamster (or Teddy hamster) with full pouches can be up to 7 cm wide. If the entrances to the house are too narrow, the hamster has to squeeze in. This can cause the tips of grains to scratch or pierce the mucosa inside the pouches, which can lead to pouch abcesses. If a hamster finds the entrances too large, he or she will partly close them up with soft bedding or hay to make the inside really cosy.

Also, if this house is inhabited by a pair or group of gerbils, the entrance is wide enough for two animals to slip past each other without having to quarrel about who can go first.

A cozy nest... is important for small rodents to feel really comfortable. It is important to remember, however, that not all soft materials are suitable pet bedding. Please ensure that the intended bedding material can be easily pulled into small pieces. This ensures your pet will not accidentally snare and constrict a paw. Examples of suitable bedding are hay, bits of cellulose (e. g. pieces of unscented toilet tissue without print) or a suitable type of moss, which is available from specialist shops.

Entrance: Ø 7.5 cm (ca. 3 in)
Base measurements: 31x17 cm (ca. 12.2x7.1 in)
Height: 14.5 cm (ca. 5.7 in)

recommends this product for Syrian hamsters, gerbils and many others.