Rodipet +GRANiT Cooling and Pedicure Stone (16x19cm)

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Please take note that this is a natural hardy product and the edges may not be regular due to cutting. 


  • pleasantly cool resting place

  • especially roughened surface

  • natural nail care

  • high quality granite stone

Granite slab for rodents and rabbits to aid cooling and nail care

Place this exclusive granite tablet on a level in your cage or on the roof of a Rodipet® as shown in the photo (application example).

Our Rodipet® +GRANiT Cooling and Pedicure Stone is a favourite resting place on warm days and is also rather useful for shortening the nails of hamsters and other pet rodents.

Handy temperature control

By nature, rodents do not bear heat very well. In the wild, they hide out inside their cool subterranean burrows when it gets hot. You can use the granite slab to help recreate this effect. In summer, it can provide some pleasant cool for your pet.

Tip for hot days:

When it is particularly hot, you can signifficantly increase the cooling effect by sprinkling or spraying a little water on the granite slab.

Nail care par excellence

Our pets' wild cousins run over sticks and stones and dig tunnels, which naturally shortens their nails. In human care, this natural process usually happens at a much smaller scale, if at all.

The rough granite surface of the Rodipet® +GRANiT Cooling and Pedicure Stone offers pets an opportunity to shorten their nails just by walking on it, avoiding complications that can occur from overgrown nails.

Special surface structure

When taking a closer look at the granite tablet, a close observer will notice its unusual surface structure. It is not uniformly smooth, and a magnifying glass will even reveal a profile resembling a miniature landscape: there are gentle valleys, jagged rocks and even what looks like varied mountain tops. This natural surface is perfect for rodent nail care.

The result: well-kept nails that are not likely to break but are always ready for any adventure that can be found in the pet enclosure.


Base measurements: 16 x 19 cm (ca. 6.3 x 7.5 in)
Height: 1 cm (ca. 0.4 in)

recommends this product for

all pet rodents, e. g. degus, Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, fancy mice, steppe lemmings, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc. – can also be used for rabbits.