Rodipet EasyClean TERRA Ceramic Tube with Side Entrance (20xØ11cm)

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  • natural nail care
  • made from quality ceramic
  • easy to clean
  • compatible with all EasyClean TERRA system components
  • with a side entrance

Clay tunnel for small rodents to hide, explore and climb: Rodipet EasyClean Tubes are made from durable quality ceramic with small pets in mind. The tubes can be used as tunnels in an EasyClean Burrow setup (as seen below) or on their own to help structure a pet habitat.

Most rodents love whizzing through tunnels, and these ones can also be climbed for a quick look around. Many small animals are, in fact, prey species, and as such prefer moving under or near cover rather than over wide open spaces. Rodipet® EasyClean Ceramic Tubes serve as both lookout posts and cover for hamsters and many other small pets.

For animals with a strong urge to gnaw: Rodipet EasyClean Ceramic Tubes are just perfect for pet rodents with a particularly strong urge to chew, such as gerbils and degus: They are made from a very hard and tough type of clay and the thick walls make this product even sturdier.

Nail care par excellence: Our pets' wild cousins run over sticks and stones and dig tunnels, which naturally shortens their nails. In human care, this natural process usually happens at a much smaller scale, if at all.

The unglazed surfaces of Rodipet® EasyClean Ceramic items are great substitutes for those rough surfaces and offer pets an opportunity to shorten their nails just by walking on or through them, avoiding complications that can occur from overgrown nails.

EasyClean: truly easy to clean

Rodipet® EasyClean Ceramic Tubes can be thoroughly cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. Treated with a little care they have a virtually unlimited lifespan and your pet's home can be kept clean and hygienic.

The Rodipet® EasyClean Burrow setup. When combined with a Rodipet® EasyClean Ceramic Burrow and a Ceramic House (not included), species-appropriate burrows can be created: in those, our pet rodents can live in a subterranean burrow made up of several tunnels and chambers, similar to what they would themselves dig in the wild. Many pets enjoy using those multiple chambers to create separate sleeping and storage rooms. If the tube is buried in a thick layer of bedding with the side entrance facing sideways, your pet can even use the EasyClean Ceramic Burrow system as the beginning of their very own home-dug bedding burrow! This animation shows the EasyClean Tube in combination with an EasyClean Burrow and EasyClean House.


Length (approximately): 20 cm (7.9 in)
Inside diameter (approximately): 9 cm (3.5 in)
Outside diameter (approximately): 11 cm (4.3 in)


Rodipet® recommends this product for gerbils, degus, Russian and winter white dwarf hamsters, Campbell’s dwarf hamsters, Chinese hamsters, fancy mice, spiny mice and many others