Niteangel Wooden Hamster Cage

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  • PVC Panel instead of glass panel for safety
  • Laminated with water proof surface
  • MDF Aspen Wood for durability
  • Spacious for hamster comfort lifestyle, and ease of decoration
  • 3 sided PVC panel for clear and enjoyable view of hamster activity
  • Trendy and easy to blend into home decoration.
  • Top opening
  • Easy to assemble, deliver unassembled

Material: Laminated MDF Aspen Wood with PVC Panel

Color: White


  • Large: 120cmX50cmX60cm (Internal), 124cmX54cmX64cm (External)
  • Medium: 100cmX50cmX50cm (Internal), 104cmX54cmX54cm (External)
  • Small: 76cmX38cmX45cm (Internal), 80cmX42cmX49cm (External)