Niteangel Treat Ball Yellow (7.4cm Diameter)

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The Niteangel Treat Ball for Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hedgehogs and Small Pets is an adjustable-opening treat ball that is a great boredom buster for your pet. With just a little training (or maybe none at all), your pet can enjoy hours of fun and enjoyment with this colorful, adjustable treat ball.

The Niteangel Treat Ball for is not a chew toy, but an interactive treat ball that provides a fun mental and physical workout for your pet. Put your pet’s favorite kibble or small treat inside (we recommend diced carrot or dried pea flakes), adjust the size of the opening, then sit back and watch the fun! As your pet rolls and pushes the treat ball, food falls out, thus encouraging more play.

  • Not a chew toy, but an interactive treat ball designed to be pushed and rolled for a great mental and physical workout!
  • Hollow, hard plastic ball with colorful carrot symbols (7 cm/2.8 inch diameter).
  • Fill with your pet's favorite kibble or treat (we recommend diced carrot).
  • Adjustable opening -- open wide for learning, then reduce size for extended play.
  • Allows pets to entertain themselves and burn off energy.
  • Come with a brush for cleaning
Size: 7.4cm (Diameter)
Option: Yellow, Green and Blue

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