Gex Pure Soil Black (2kg)

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Bacteria grow well in the micropores on the surface and remove suspended matter in the water, so water is clear and algae is suppressed. Since it is a natural material, it is harmless to living organisms, aquatic plants, and microorganisms.

No need to wash with water. Just set it in the aquarium as it is, and you can make transparent breeding water.

Excellent decolorization ability to adsorb water stains such as driftwood lye.

By a special manufacturing method in which natural soil is heat-treated in a sterile condition, the granular bottom sand is not easily crushed and the roots of the aquatic plants grow steadily, so beautiful aquatic plants grow well.

Since it is a natural material, it is not colored. Please use it with confidence.

PH is stable near neutral. The natural water quality adjustment function creates an environment that is friendly to fish and aquatic plants.

Because it is porous, filtering bacteria propagate, accelerating the rise of water and demonstrating outstanding filtering ability.


  • No need to wash with water. When setting, use cushioning material to gently pour water.
  • Do not stir the soil.
  • Although it depends on the usage environment, it is recommended to replace it every year.

For Fresh water usage

Size: 2kg

Soil Size: 2-4mm