Gex Healthy Recipe Redbeet (35g)

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Easy-to-eat flakes of red beet. A snack for small animals that is simply dried as it is.  Red beet is a root vegetable that resembles a turnip in the family Chenopodiaceae. It is rich in oligosaccharides that help the intestinal environment work. Without using sugar, we brought out the gentle sweetness that the material originally has. The bright red color of red beet is a kind of polyphenol "betacyanin", which is a rare pigment found only in some plants and is said to have a high antioxidant effect.  When this product is eaten, the pigment may be excreted as it is and the excrement may turn red, but this is not a problem.

Healthy Recipe is a communication treat that is simply dried from natural ingredients and is given to rabbits and small animals with peace of mind without no sugar, coloring or preservatives.

Size: 35g

Analysis: Protein 10.5%, Lipid 0.2%, Crude fiber 4.6%, Ash 5.2%, Moisture 4.5%, Energy 343kcal / 100g

This product is exclusively for small animals such as rabbits and hamsters. Do not use it for any other purpose. Keep out of the reach of children and people with dementia. When giving by children, please do so under the supervision of adults. Be careful not to accidentally eat the desiccant in the bag or give it to your pet. This product is a product that easily contains moisture. To maintain the deliciousness, leave the desiccant as it is after opening and close the chuck tightly. Because we use natural ingredients, there are variations in color, shape, size, etc.
After purchase, avoid high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight, and store at room temperature. After opening this product, close the opening tightly, store it in a cool and dark place, and use it as soon as possible regardless of the expiration date.