Gex Harmony Stick (12.5x2.5x4.2cm)

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Easy to change and firm hardwoods to bite. Easy to replace; Hard-hardened hardwood that is easy to bite. No metal or adhesive. Easy to replace. Made of hypo-allergenic hardwood; Uses a mounting device that can be used with wire cages;

Size when assembled: Width 4.9 x Depth 1.0 x Height 1.7 inches (12.5 x 2.5 x 4.2 cm);

Set Includes: 1 set of finished product, 1 replacement baton.

How to use: Place this product inside the breeding cage and secure it with the included parts. Install on a wire cage. Check the position of the hamster to reach and determine the mounting position. Set baton to the main body. Unscrew the unit and clamp it from inside the breeding cage. Cannot be used with wires that have more than 1.0 inch (25 mm). Please select a stable flat surface that maintains a level of level when installing this product. Set up in glass harmony (sold separately); Set the baton on on the main unit. Remove the dedicated cap of the bottle mounting hole. Unscrew the body and clamp it from inside the cage.  As this is a natural material, there may be differences in shape, grain, and wood color.