Gex Harmony Silky Bath Sand (600g)

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Supple pure white bath sand "Harmony Bath Sand Silky" Silk-smooth texture. It feels good with clean sand!  It is a clean white bath sand that shines in the cage.   Silk-smooth and ultra-fine particles enter the gaps in the hair and are neat and clean.  Perfect for a clear harmony bath (sold separately).

[What is sand bathing] Wild hamsters, degu, and chinchillas lived in dry areas and high mountains, so they did not have a habit of bathing in water and instead bathed in sand. By rubbing your body against the sand, you can remove dirt, unpleasant odors, and excess fat from your hair. This not only helps prevent infectious diseases and skin diseases, but also has the effect of smoothing the coat. In addition, since hamsters originally live by digging holes, it is said that the act of digging sand also helps relieve stress.

[How to use]

  • Use this product in a bath (sold separately) with a height of 1 cm.
  • Replace the sand with a new sand in 3-4 days.
  • If you pee on the sand, remove the wet part and replenish the sand as much as you have reduced.
  • If it becomes very dirty or has a strong odor, replace it if necessary.

Contents: 600g