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Digestive well being is crucial for our furry pets. Thus supplement with Sherwood digestive support do help to keep our pet well being in tab. This herbal based supplement contain digestive enzymes from papaya, vitamin C, motilty herbs (which helps to prevent stasis, minimizes gas, and improves healthy bacterial flora and fermentation patterns) and Vitamin B. Digestive health, G.I. tract motility, energy and appetite are closely related to each other, If one decline, then the other will decline too.

Size :100 tablets

Active Ingredients:
  • Papaya: Ripe papaya provides a dose of digestive enzymes and phytonutrients.
  • Cellulose: Pre-biotic that support the growth of healthy bacteria in the ceacum.
  • Anise: Fresh ground whole seeds for additional digestive support and a great natural flavor loved by pets.
  • Bromelain and Papain: Additional protein digestive enzymes from pineapple and papaya used to minimize protein load on the ceacum.
  • Ginger, Ginseng, and Szechuan peppercorns: This blend of herbs stimulate phasic muscle contractions in the lower G.I. tract to support optimal ceacal fermentation patterns. This helps older and less-active small herbivores to properly ferment their food (including megacolon rabbits currently under trials – see below).
  • B-Vitamin Complex: These are normally produced by optimal ceacal fermentation patterns. Supplementation is often needed to help maintain a healthy appetite during digestive upset. It really works!
  • Vitamin C: The majority of the immune system is hard at work in the lower G.I. tract. During digestive upset it is beneficial to supplement with vitamin C. We use shelf-stable vitamin C that is coated in cellulose fiber to exclude oxygen.

Feeding direction
  • For severe digestive problems such as such as rabbit with genetic megacolon, 1 tablet per pound of body weight daily
  • For moderate digestive problems such as rabbit who suffer from frequent bout of stasis, gas, un-eaten ceacotrophes or malformed feces (poop), 1/2 tablet per pound of body weight daily
  • For mild digestive problems. To prevent infrequent stasis, ,mild gas, and to reduce the incidence of un-eaten ceacotrophes 1/4 tablet per pound of body weight daily


Megacolon (actually a ceacal motility disorder that leads to ceacal impaction) is an extreme case requiring digestive support to maintain life. It is a genetic disease that breeders selected for because they were selecting for a specific color pattern. Sadly as a result many rabbits world wide suffer from a genetic defect with horrible consequences.
Currently there is a documented genetic cause for megacolon. It is the same gene that leads to the distinctive color pattern (can be any color – the pattern is the most diagnostic) where fewer spots means the worse the condition. Essentially the gene that is affected is (the expression levels of) a trans-membrane receptor protein that signals the migration of neurons during early development (in utero). The net result is that rabbits that have this gene have less innervation of the lower digestive tract. Without the nerves to stimulate muscle contraction the rabbit cannot regulate proper ceacal fermentation patterns which often results in uneaten ceacotrophes. Consequently B-vitamin levels drop and so does the appetite. Without motility drugs rabbits also become ‘constipated’. All of these issues add up to a high mortality rate especially as the digestive system increases in size and as the afflicted rabbits age and become less active (younger rabbits have less of a problem).
The severity of this condition varies from pet to pet. One direct cause of this variation is the number of ‘megacolon’ genes that are carried (0, 1, or 2). Other factors such as age, size, and the extent of damage caused by previous ‘episodes’ of stasis suffered by the rabbit also greatly influence the current condition. The life of the megacolon rabbit becomes dependent on motility drugs and other special care.
There is no cure for this genetic disease. However, proper nutrition, exercise and veterinary care (including motility drugs) can work ‘miracles’ for many of these bunnies. Our digestive tablet is a simplified solution that can be included as one of these miracles for megacolon rabbits and other bunnies that suffer from weak digestion due to age, inactivity, and other reasons.

The digestive support tablet works in 3 very specific ways.
First, the digestive tablet is based on papaya. The papaya aids in protein digestion which minimizes the amount of protein that will enter the ceacum where bacterial fermentation of fiber occurs. Too much protein in the ceacum will raise the pH and support the rapid growth of unhealthy bacterial populations that cause bloat, G.I. stasis or other digestive problems.
Second, it provides a full compliment of B-vitamins that are normally produced by healthy fermentation patterns. If these fermentation patterns are disrupted then B-vitamin production is reduced and this often leads to a loss of appetite and reduced energy levels. Proper levels of B-vitamins are necessary to maintain a healthy appetite.
Third, it contains a unique blend of herbs that actually stimulate the lower digestive tract to naturally contract and relax in a rhythmic pattern to help optimize healthy fermentation patterns by mixing ceacal contents. For rabbits that are less mobile (don’t get enough exercise due to age or arthritis) or that simply have trouble with digestion (especially megacolon rabbits who lack the lower G.I. tract innervation necessary to stimulate muscle contraction) this blend of herbs MAY replace the need for the use of motility drugs though this needs to be determined on a case by case basis. The herbs have been shown to directly trigger rhythmic muscle contraction/relaxation in lower rabbit digestive tract independent of nerve stimulation… and it works!!!

If you have a rabbit with megacolon please contact us so we can get you some free samples. The tablets are about a 1/2 gram in size. They are to be fed like a treat at the rate of one tablet per pound of body weight per day divided into a morning and evening feeding (for example, a 4 pound rabbit would eat 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening). NO OTHER DIETARY CHANGES ARE NEEDED as long as they are on a hay-based diet (we recommend to eliminate sources of grain and soy from the diet). We can then work with your veterinarian to safely assess the progress your bunny is making. The ultimate goal is to reduce or eliminate the need for motility drugs in the majority of the cases but we advise against doing so until your veterinarian clears it.
Introducing Digestive Support tablet for the first time.
About 1 in 4 pets are afraid of new food items such as this tablet. It is helpful to break it into smaller pieces the first time when you feed it or try mixing with their favorite treats. You can even leave it in their nighttime home for them to explore on their own. It is very concentrated and may take a few times before the pet accept the strong flavor of the medicinal herbs in the tablets. Over 95%of the pet learn to love and beg for this tablets over time.