Bunny Nature Labyrinth Large (110X57.5X26cm)

Bunny Nature Labyrinth Large (110X57.5X26cm)

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  • Flexible positioning of the inner walls for endlessly new routes
  • Can be expanded creatively and individually with additional labyrinths
  • Interactive: for playing, hiding, climbing, snoozing, running
  • Rounded edges, robust wood
  • Simple plug-in system which is easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Fixed roof panel for a secure attachment
    Add more levels of labyrinths quickly and easily
  • Individual and adaptable construction
    Flexible interior sections for endless labyrinth fun

Now the labyrinth fun can finally begin! Assemble the interactive labyrinth in just a few minutes, and our curious, cute, little darlings can enjoy exploring their new environment. Here they can jump, climb, run through tunnels, hide and have hours of fun. The simple plug-in system enables you to build a different labyrinth adventure playground every day. Simply reposition the short inner wall and create new and exciting routes for your pets to discover. And another great highlight: the ingenious plug-in system allows you to expand the existing labyrinth in all directions with additional labyrinths. Let your imagination run wild!

Dimensions: 110 x 26 x 57.5 cm (W|H|D) | Openings: 16.5 x 19 cm | Wood width: 0.9 cm