Bunny Nature Campsite (47x46x60cm)

Bunny Nature Campsite (47x46x60cm)

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  • Enough space: 2 Animals can get comfortable together, stretch out and chill.
  • Various exits: 3 Entraces that work as exits, too. In case it is too narrow or uncomfortable, everyone will find a safe exit straight away.
  • Natural material: Robust birch wood ensures a safe position. 
  • Plug system: Simple assembly, simple disassembly, and space-saving storage
  • For cuddling and sleeping: The ideal place for a nap or to cuddle

Size: 47 x 46 x 60 cm (W|H|D)

Round Entry Ø 16,5 cm (diameter)

Edged Entry: 30 x 15,5 cm (W|H)