Bunny Nature Interactive Back to The Root

Bunny Nature Interactive Back to The Root

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  • Gnawing root made of 100% natural heather roots
  • Extra long-lasting nibbling fun whilst constantly gnawing off small pieces - supporting the abrasion and care of teeth and keeps the animals busy.
  • Very easy to use – you can just either place it in the enclosure or fix it to the rails with the twine that has been provided
  • Available in two sizes: XS & S

Back to the roots - the nibbling roots are made of 100% natural heather roots and provide a long-lasting treat to nibble whilst constantly nibbling off small pieces. The animals can follow their natural instinct to gnaw, they will enjoy and are kept busy. Gnawing also promotes the abrasion of the teath and dental care.

Just place the gnawing root in the enclosure and that’s all you need to do! You can also fasten the gnawing root with the twine at the cage rails - there are also two holes in the gnawing root for this purpose. Available in two sizes... perfect for all small mammals!

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