Hoppy Lapin Play Pool

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Hoppy Lapin happy pool creates a little meadow for your furry friends to relax and enjoy. Put a layer of pee pad of your choice, a layer of bunny nature bedding hanf 35litres to absorb pee and smell. Suggest to lay soft hay instead of stalky hay to prevent accidental injury. Amount of hay to put in we suggest about 500 to 600gm.

How long does this setup last? For 24/7 air con conditions this setup can last for 4 to 10days. In normal humid conditions without air con about 3 to 5 days max depending on individual tolerant of smell. Clear and clean up to put new pee pad, bedding and hay. You may sprinkle pellets in the hay to create foraging fun for your friends too!

For the entrance, cut according to your individual liking but keep the minimum height from floor to be at least 12cm for the play pool to be more stable.

Color : astronaut 

 Size: Diameter 80cm, height 20cm