Sherwood Digestive Support (60g)

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Digestive well being is crucial for our furry pets. Thus supplement with Sherwood digestive support do help to keep our pet well being in tab. This herbal based supplement contain digestive enzymes from papaya, vitamin C, motilty herbs (which helps to prevent stasis, minimizes gas, and improves healthy bacterial flora and fermentation patterns) and Vitamin B. Digestive health, G.I. tract motility, energy and appetite are closely related to each other, If one decline, then the other will decline too.

Size :100 tablets

Active Ingredients:
  • Papaya: Ripe papaya provides a dose of digestive enzymes and phytonutrients.
  • Cellulose: Pre-biotic that support the growth of healthy bacteria in the ceacum.
  • Anise: Fresh ground whole seeds for additional digestive support and a great natural flavor loved by pets.
  • Bromelain and Papain: Additional protein digestive enzymes from pineapple and papaya used to minimize protein load on the ceacum.
  • Ginger, Ginseng, and Szechuan peppercorns: This blend of herbs stimulate phasic muscle contractions in the lower G.I. tract to support optimal ceacal fermentation patterns. This helps older and less-active small herbivores to properly ferment their food (including megacolon rabbits currently under trials – see below).
  • B-Vitamin Complex: These are normally produced by optimal ceacal fermentation patterns. Supplementation is often needed to help maintain a healthy appetite during digestive upset. It really works!
  • Vitamin C: The majority of the immune system is hard at work in the lower G.I. tract. During digestive upset it is beneficial to supplement with vitamin C. We use shelf-stable vitamin C that is coated in cellulose fiber to exclude oxygen.

Feeding direction
  • For severe digestive problems such as such as rabbit with genetic megacolon, 1 tablet per pound of body weight daily
  • For moderate digestive problems such as rabbit who suffer from frequent bout of stasis, gas, un-eaten ceacotrophes or malformed feces (poop), 1/2 tablet per pound of body weight daily
  • For mild digestive problems. To prevent infrequent stasis, ,mild gas, and to reduce the incidence of un-eaten ceacotrophes 1/4 tablet per pound of body weight daily