Yeaster Bunny Selection Pro Lop Ear   

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Formulated to prevent obesity

This product is gluten free. Do not use any of the wheat. It is low-calorie, high-fiber "timothy grass" is the main raw material. In consideration of the constitution of the ROP Year, it is low in calories, and in order to support healthy body creation, use high fiber fibrous timothy grass as the main ingredient. It also contains cellulose. Considering the health of the rope ear, L-carnitine is blended. Formulated for maintaining hconalt ealthy lifestyle habits and health condition, we combine wild plants (otaku, dandelion, mulberry leaves) powder. Lactic acid bacteria reaching the intestine (EC-12 strain) are compounded, and help to maintaining the health of the rabbits' stomach.

Size: 1kg (250gm x 4 bags)

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein - More than 12%
Crude Fat - More than 2.5%
Crude Fiber - Less Than 24%
Crude Ash - Less Than 10.0%
Moisture - Less Than 10.0%
Calcium - More than 0.5%
Phosphorus - More Than 0.3%
Metabolic Energy: More than 230Kcal/100g


Timothy meal,  Alfalfa, oats, dried bean curd,tapioca starch meal, potato,defatted soybean, cellulose, brewer's yeast, plant extract, fermentation extract,oligosaccharide, dried rosemary,dandelion powder,plantain powder,carnitine, sterilized lactic acid bacteria,mulberry leaf powder. Minerals: sodium hydrogen phosphate,sodium chloride, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate, cobalt iodate, calcium sulfate,amino acids, DL-methionine,L tryptophen,vitamins,choline, niacin,E,C,B6 pentothenic acid,A,B2, folic acid ,B12, D3