Tiny Paws Hay Basket

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Hay Storage Solution

Hay Storage Chances are that as a pet owner, you are undoubtedly familiar with the sight of hay being scattered all over the place. (Unlikely locations I have discovered hay: my handbag, the shower, the vegetable drawer of the fridge, an airplane seat, and between the pages of a book.) This holds true especially if you buy hay in large quantities such as flakes or bales, as people with several cavies are likely to do. HAY STORAGE CRITERIA Material allows for air to circulate  Doesn't trap moisture - which can lead to mould. Easily moved from room to room as needed Our previous arrangement was to leave hay in the large cardboard boxes it was shipped in. This was the easiest solution, but certainly not the most ideal - it was messy, inconvenient, and left nearby furnishings covered in a layer of dust.  It meet all the criteria for proper hay storage and the removable cloth interior can be washed. Although it can't hold huge quantities, it does fit about 8 pounds of loosely packed hay. The rest is being stored out of sight until the bin needs to be refilled. The floors still aren't spotless but the amount of hay that finds its way out is more manageable. Hooray for a functional and aesthetically pleasing hay storage solution! So, pet owner - what's the oddest place you've found a strand of hay? / />Read more at: http://www.calicavycollective.com/2012/04/guinea-pig-hay-storage.html

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  • 450mm x 350mm x 580mm (height) 

The inner cloth can be remove for washing.