Rodipet Organic Hybrid Hamster Food Senior (500g)

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  • developed with veterinarians
  • suitable for all dwarf hamsters
  • contains Jerusalem artichoke, which is rich in inulin
  • low in carbohydrates
  • rich in fibres
  • organically sourced ingredients
  • organic certified by Eco-Monitoring Unit DE-021

Our Hybrid Mix is tailored especially to the needs of dwarf hamsters with a high risk of developing diabetes.  Rodipet Hybrid food is unique as it is the result of our successful Rodenti expeditions to the home countries of the various species of dwarf hamsters complemented by in-depth collaboration with veterinarians specialising in diabetes research. This level of networking resulted in Rodipet Hybrid, a feed particularly suitable for dwarf hamsters with a pre-disposition towards developing diabetes, but also a favourite with healthy low-risk dwarf hamsters.

The food's overall composition as well as the choice of individual ingredients are based on scientific research into the natural habitats of various species of the Phodopus genus. When leaving their burrows in the steppes, dwarf hamsters typically find a wide variety of herbs, which along with roots and several types of tasty seeds form a substancial part of their diets.

32 prime ingredients from certified organic sources.  We have put a lot of love and care into choosing the 32 tasty and all-natural ingredients of our hybrid food so your hamster can feel perfectly happy. Hybrid hamsters need special food compositions. With us, each individual component is carefully checked and has to confirm to high quality standards. Unprocessed ingredients from nature's rich stores make this composition truly special. Even the sensitive noses and tastebuds of picky dwarf hamsters are satisfied as each bite is a feast for the senses.

This food is designed to avoid insulin peaks and thus to minimise the risk of dwarf hamsters developing diabetes. Changing the recipe to also provide optimum nutrients for different age groups would have compromised this plan. Since many of our customers are used to different age groups from other foods we still package our hybrid food in "Junior" and "Senior" tubs - since the composition is, this once, identical, you can just choose the other "variety" if either is sold out.

Why organic?  See for yourself how your pet will love the significantly more intense flavours – and the food is also richer in vitamins and minerals than non-organic alternatives. Your pet will enjoy the difference with all their senses.  As an organic certified business, Rodipet are bound by the EU organic regulations. Our methods are in accordance with organic production guidelines and we make sure that your pets’ food is free from genetically modified ingredients, chemical herbicides and pesticides. Our adhesion to these standards is annually checked and verified by an independent eco-inspection body (DE-ÖKO-021 eco inspection authority).

Ingredients:  Buckwheat, yellow millet, wild proso millet, hemp seeds, toasted soybeans, quinoa, teff, camelina, barley, timothy seeds, milk thistle seeds, sesame seeds, walnut kernels, pumpkin seeds, aniseed, brown linseed, golden linseed, poppy seeds, alfalfa seeds, fennel seeds, rapeseed, sage leaves, dandelion roots, Jerusalem artichoke slices, pine kernels, nettle leaves, heather flowers, lady's mantle leaves, evening primrose seeds, common marigold flowers, camomile flowers, mountain thyme (all ingredients are organically sourced) DE-ÖKO-021

Analytical constituents: crude fibre: 6.0 %, crude protein: 17.5 %, crude oils and fats: 12.7 %, crude ash: 3.2 % 

Naturally contained minerals per 100 g: calcium: 190 mg, phosphorus: 490 mg, magnesium: 230 mg, potassium: 670 mg, sodium: 32 mg 

Naturally contained trace elements per 100 g: iron: 87.1 mg, manganese: 32.4 mg, zinc: 35.7 mg, copper: 6.7 mg

Directions: Did you know that vitamins and other micronutrients deteriorate during storage? Especially contact with air speeds up this process. For this reason, we keep our stores small, mix fresh foods every day and put them into airtight tubs. This way, you can be sure that your little friend gets as much of Mother Nature's goodness as possible.

Measuring spoon included:  Our Rodipet® measuring spoon has the perfect depth to make feeding really simple.  Particularly when your pet has only just moved in and is still skittish and shy of your hand, the measuring spoon can serve a second purpose: Scoop up a portion of our yummy-smelling food and hold it just outside your pet's hidey house. Soon, they will come out to investigate, and after repeating this for several days they will become more familiar and learn that you mean them no harm.

Feeding recommendation:  Feed each dwarf hamster 1 heaped measuring spoon daily. If you are caring for pregnant females or mothers with babies, please allow them an additional ½ measuring spoon. This recommendation is based on average observations, so please check your pet's stores occasionally to see if you need to adjust the amount slightly.

How long will one tub last?  One tub of Rodipet® Hybrid contains ca. 90 spoon portions, so it will usually feed your pet for 2-3 months. The food is mixed fresh on our premises and shipped straight to your home without long waits or detours so your dwarf hamster can take full advantage of all the natural goodness it contains.

Rodipet recommends this product for all species of dwarf hamsters as well as other omnivorous rodents living in steppe areas, but particularly for animals that have a high risk of developing diabetes (hybrid dwarf hamsters, Campbell's dwarf hamsters, "Russian/winter white dwarf hamsters" of unknown origin and Chinese hamsters).