Rodipet Organic Dwarf Hamster Food Variety (500g)

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Hamsters enjoy with all their senses. Taste, smell, touch, hear and see. If you watch your furry nose carefully, you'll notice that the four-legged friends are really happy when they discover new food: The clever rodents pause briefly before continuing to forage.

In order for the animals to find food during their nocturnal lifestyle, their sense of smell and touch must be particularly powerful. Through taste, the furry noses determine whether the food meets their current needs and whether it is hamstered or not.

The good sense of hearing helps in the hunt for insects and larvae. Gentle noises such as rustling therefore always arouse curiosity in our charges. Admittedly, the short-sighted hamsters cannot boast of particularly pronounced eyesight, but the excellent all-round vision and the ability to recognize something even in low light rounds off the five senses.

Ingredients: White Sorghum millet, Finger millet, Pearl millet, Yellow millet, Wild Proso millet, Red Sorghum millet, Barnyard millet, Sunflower seeds, buckwheat seeds, brown linseed, camelina seeds, milk thistle seeds, clover seeds, oilseed rape, red quinoa, oil radish seeds, ribwort seeds, sesame, common marigold flowers, red clover flowers, Apple mint leaves, dill stalks, dill seeds, rose flowers (All ingredients are organically sourced)  

Analytical contituents: crude fibre: 7.1 %, crude protein: 16.9 %, crude oils and fats: 10.1 %, crude ash: 3.7 % Naturally contained minerals per 100 g: calcium: 230 mg, phosphorus: 470 mg, magnesium: 220 mg, potassium: 530 mg, sodium: 40 mg Naturally contained trace elements per 100 g: iron: 13.30 mg, manganese: 4.77 mg, zinc: 4.87 mg, copper: 0.22 mg