Rodipet Nature's Treasures Nettle Leaves (100g)

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  • Pure natural product. 
  • Aromatic, pleasant fragrance. 
  • High fibre content. 
  • Incomparable taste experience. 
  • A soothing jewel from the pool of nature.

Rodipet Nature's Treasures Nettle Leaves create a sensual experience of a special kind with fragrant herbs and crispy rustling sheets. The stinging nettle is known due to its unpleasant effect on the skin. During drying, however, the nettle cells, which cause the typical rash, lose their effect. After drying process the stinging nettle is a extremely valuable herb . The plant has long been known for its positive properties on the organism. Let your rodents thrive on this soothing treasure from the pool of nature! . 
Ingredients: Stinging nettle leaves

Analytical ingredients: protein-16%, crude-15%