Rodipet Millet Trio (120g)

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Rodipet Millet Trio is a natural and tasty addition to your pet’s diet and a fun snack. Just like in the wild, your rodent has to work for his or her food. Foxtail millet and sorghum don’t have to be fed as a whole panicle, either – to prevent overfeeding you can simply break off a couple of inflorescences for your pet to enjoy.

Did you know that millet is richer in minerals than any other type of cereal? This makes it a perfect snack for four-legged endurance athletes between their running sessions. Besides magnesium and potassium, millet also contains silica, iron and fluoride.

It is not without reason that millets are among mankind’s oldest food staples. The silica contained in millets are essential for healthy bones and joints, helping your rodent to keep active and mobile into old age.

Ingredients: Red foxtail millet, yellow foxtail millet, sorghum panicle