Pevita Blue Cloud Chinchilla Dust Bath (1.8lb)

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Blue Cloud Dust Bath is made of fine natural powder, similar to what is found in chinchillas’ native environment. Dusting helps to comb out dead fur and absorb oils in a chinchillas coat, preventing mats and greasy. Apart from anti-bacterial, it is effective in treating inflammation and wounds formulated with other minerals.

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Effective in treating inflammation
  • Clean, nourish and repair

Pevita blue cloud bathing sand provide premium nutrition to help your pet thrive, dust baths are also essential to your chinchilla’s physical and mental wellbeing. The sustainable collection process for Poof! dust involves no strip mining, explosives, or tunneling. A layer of the dust is left at the harvest location, promoting revegetation of natural plant life. Recycle Blue Cloud dust as a soil additive in your garden.

Directions: Bathe your chinchilla 2-4 times per week to remove excess oil and dirt and ensure the softness and healthy condition of his fur. For bathing, use an appropriate dust bath house or stable container which cannot be tipped over. Remove dust bath house from cage after 3-5 minutes to avoid soiling and over-exposure to dust. If dust is soiled, remove and replace. Use 1 inch of dust in the bath house or container for best results. Is recommends that you consult your veterinarian before using any chinchilla dust bath product if your pet is not acting normally, or is sick.

Size: 1.8lb/816g