Niteangel Acrylic-Only Super Silent Hamster Wheel (Medium)

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  • Entire frame is made of acrylic for durability and ease of cleaning.  
  • Super silent track mill for our hamster
  • Adjustable height
  • Soft running pad is easy on the hamster feet

Size: 26cm in diameter, 8.3cm in wheel width, adjustable hight from 28cm to 38cm 

Suitable for Syrian Hamster

(No wood in the internal of the wheels, only the Niteangel Hamster Super Silent Acrylic With Wood Wheel and Niteangel Hamster Super Silent Wooden Wheel has Wood material, some pictures are for illustration only)

Note: Pls do not use alcohol to wipe the wheel.  Alcohol may cause the acrylic surface to have hair-line crack