Marukan Ear Spot Cleaning Lotion


Marukan Ear Spot Cleaning Lotion
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Keep your rabbit ear clean
  • For all rabbits

An essential part of any grooming routine.

3 easy steps to clean your rabbit’s ear with this lotion:

  1. Insert the “Ear Spot” lotion in the ear canal. Squeeze out between 3 to 8 drops
  2. Massage gently from the entrance of the ear to the bone.
  3. If there is dirt floating in the entrance of the ear, wipe gently with a cotton or towel.

Your rabbits’ ears, are an important organ that aids in thermoregulation in addition to performing the function of helping the rabbit to sense danger. This is especially important for lop earred varieties where the moisture and bacteria tends to get trapped.