Kaytee Food From The Wild Chinchilla (3lb)

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  • Species specific daily diet inspired by ancestral feeding habits
  • From the makers of Kaytee®, a Veterinarian Recommended Brand
  • Premium pellets with a medley of rose hip, marigold, sweet potato, and Timothy Hay
  • No added sugar, fillers, or artificial preservatives
  • Great for chinchillas
  • Natural foraging ingredients for variety and enrichment

In the Wild, chinchilla forage a complex range of nutrients from a variety of grasses, barks, and flowers to support optimal health. As herbivores, chinchillas require a diet high in fiber to provide essential nutrients, maintain proper bacteria levels in the gut, and promote digestive health. The animal nutrition experts at Kaytee developed Food From the Wild blend for the forager in your family. Inspired by the ancestral feeding habits of chinchillas, Food From the Wild blend is crafted with hand-selected rose hip, marigold, sweet potato, and timothy hay to encourage the healthy foraging activity your chinchilla needs. Pelleted pieces offer comprehensive nutrition and contain natural probiotics to support digestive health. Food From the Wild blend contains nutritious and tasty ingredients to meet the unique dietary needs of your chinchilla and has no added sugar, fillers, or artificial preservatives. With more than 150 years of nutritional excellence, Kaytee is honored to be at the heart of your healthy, happy feeding routine.

Size: 3lb