Kaytee Barn Habitat With Hay Silo


Kaytee Barn Habitat With Hay Silo
  • Farm themed living for small animals
  • Full-Opening top door allows easy access to pets for instant interaction
  • Fully functioning hay silo is a real refillable hay dispenser
  • Large-Size wire front door allows for easy access to front of habitat
  • For dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs

Size: 80cm x 47cm x 54.6cm

Kaytee Barn Habitat with Hay Silo is a fun atmosphere in which you can safely and securely keep your small pet. The barn shaped design includes a functional hay silo, which supplies your pet with hay. The Barn Habitat features a fully opening roof, making it easy to get into and clean. Deeper base keeps bedding and waste inside the habitat, reducing messes on the outside. Top and bottom attach via wire-base lock system, keeping your pet safely inside it’s enclosure. Added safety comes with the z-lock front door hinge and chew proof wiring around the habitat. Ideal for guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits