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Conquer Cages and Conquer Odors with the TitBit & Staldren Power Bundle!

Tired of cage cleaning battles?

This dynamic duo is here to save the day – and your nose! Introducing the TitBit Cleaner & Staldren Powder Bundle, your one-stop shop for a clean, fresh-smelling cage your pet will love.

TitBit Cleaner:

  • Cuts Through Grime: Removes the toughest pee stains effectively that many commercial stain removers cant get rid off. A must-have for every pet owner! Targets bad stains, just squirt, wait, rinse off thoroughly
  • Please do not use on live animals.

Staldren Powder:

  • Neutralizes Odors at the Source: Staldren's absorbent powder goes beyond masking smells, trapping and eliminating them for long-lasting freshness.
  • Easy to Use: Simply sprinkle Staldren in your cage bedding to create a long-lasting odor shield.
  • Disinfecting:This power is effective on bacteria such as E-coli, Salmonella, Camphylobacter and more
  • Safe for Pets and Bedding: Completely safe for your furry friend and all types of bedding materials.

Together, TitBit Cleaner and Staldren Powder:

  • Effortlessly maintain a clean and hygienic cage.
  • Provide a healthy and comfortable environment for your pet.
  • Free your home from lingering pet odors.

Don't just clean your cage, conquer it! Get the TitBit & Staldren Power Bundle today!