Heinold Doc's Rabbit Enhancer (600g)

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Heinold's products, which have won the "Best in Show" award many times in the rabbit competition in the United States, is a very well-known brand.
This product has also been sold in Japan for more than 10 years. This is an advanced cutting-edge rabbit food set for rabbit health management. It is a trustworthy product with a century-old history.

Heinold, a century-old rabbit feed maker, is a nutritional supplement made to supplement the ingredients needed by rabbits. Contains various enzyme ingredients that are not available in staple foods. Is a complementary food. It is suitable for rabbits during growth and reproduction. Papaya enzymes are added to prevent problems such as hairballs and have a good deodorizing effect.

We recommend giving them daily from the moulting period to the end of the moulting period to supplement them. Like the staple food of this product, it looks like very hard granular food, and its practical fingers can be easily broken, which means that this product is compressed and made of rich and high fibers. The high fibers in the product increase the number of chews and help intestinal motility. The product uses a double deoxidation bag, so that the product can be delivered to customers in a fresher state!

Contains various nutrients that are not available in many staple foods.
Suitable for rabbits during growth and breeding. Papaya enzymes are added to prevent problems such as hairballs, and the deodorizing effect is also very good.

It is recommended to be added to your rabbits daily diet for the purpose of supplementary nutrition during the special period from moulting period to the end of the moulting period.

For growing , after surgery, weight lost or fatigue rabbits 1 teaspoon (about 4-5g) /day

Rabbit during the day of moulting  2 teaspoon (about 9 g) / day

※ Please increase or decrease according to the actual state of the rabbit.

Size: 600g

Raw materials: Oat flour, beer yeast, distiller's grains, wheat flour, dehydrated alfalfa flour, wheat germ flour, barley flour, sugar cane molasses, hulled sunflower seeds, linseed flour, whey powder, dry streptococcus yeast, papaya powder, lactic acid bacteria, fermented dry rice Aspergillus, Aspergillus niger yeast extract, amylase, protease, cellulase, beta glucan, lactase, magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid, L-lysine, methionine, di-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, beta carotene, copper , Iron, zinc, niacin, dehydrated kelp, biotin, gladiolus essence, sodium selenite.


  • Please avoid placing it in direct sunlight and keep it in a cool place.  
  • This product is supplement for rabbit pets, not a staple food.  
  • Keep out of reach of infants.   Please use it as soon as possible after opening, and close the zipper bag tightly when storing.This product is made of plant products, so the taste and color of the forage grass will change slightly depending on the season of harvesting. 
  • In order to maintain the freshness of rabbit food and to prevent mold, worms, etc., we have used high-quality special material bags to hold rabbit food, and began to put in deoxygenated bags in 1996.
  • The deaeration bag does not make it vacuum. When storing in a place with high temperature, after the expansion of gases other than oxygen, the packaging may become looser. This phenomenon is not a product quality problem.
  • The way to check whether there is a hole in the packaging bag is: please put it in the cold heading room of the refrigerator before opening it, and if it is taken out one day later, if the packaging bag is firm and firm, there will be no hole.