Gex SaiShoku KenBi Dwarf Hamster Food (300g)

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Hamster health starts with the right diet. A food exclusively for dwarf hamsters that optimally mixes protein according to the amount of activity. Amino acid balance with quinoa Contains plant enzymes that help digest the body! Active dwarf hamsters are omnivorous animals that require more energy than golden hamsters. This product is a special food for dwarf hamsters that is finished with high protein without relying only on fat to maintain health. A hamster containing plant enzymes that works on enzymes in the body to maintain a healthy body is a creature whose incisors (anterior teeth) continue to grow throughout its life. Taking advantage of the biting habit, it has a hardness suitable for biting and eating without straining the teeth. 

Directions: As a staple food, give this product about 10 to 15g per 100g of body weight per day as a guide. (Approximately 2g for 10 tablets of this product) Give daily to the extent that you do not leave any food left. ・ Since hamsters are nocturnal, it is ideal to take care of them after the evening. ・ When switching foods, first mix a small amount with the food you are currently giving, and gradually increase the amount to be mixed before switching. It is important to let them remember the taste little by little. 

Size: 300g

Ingredients: Corn meal, wheat flour, bran, flour, defatted sugar, wheat germ, brown foxtail millet, fermented vegetable feed, quinoa, alfalfa meal, white sesame seeds, millet, inulin, chicken meal, egg yolk flour, vitamins (A, D3, E, K3) , B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinic acid, calcium pantothenate, inositol, folic acid, C, choline), minerals (manganese sulfate, iron sulfate, copper sulfate, cobalt sulfate, magnesium sulfate, zinc carbonate, calcium iodide, Calcium carbonate), normal salt, tocopherol