Ferplast Rabbit 140 (NOT ASSEMBLED)


Rabbit 140 is a very spacious rabbit hutch, ideal for accommodating one or more pet rabbits. It comes equipped with accessories, including two plastic feeders for hay, two drinking bottles and two food bowls. There are two little rabbit houses, essential for moments of relaxation and equipped with a stepped structure to allow your rabbits to enter easily. You can place the two little houses wherever you prefer inside the hutch. Lastly, there is a plastic ladder that your rabbit can use to get out of the hutch and wander freely around your house.
Rabbit 140 has a spacious base and a door that can be opened completely, allowing for easy cleaning.
  • Wide living space
  • Front full opening door for easy cleaning
  • Easy and safe opening/closing system thanks to plastic clips
  • Raised floor with stair-step wall, can be used as shelter
  • Plastic ladder to help the pet going out of the cage
  • Accessories included
  • Save-space packaging
Dimension: 140 x 71 x h 51 cm
Color: black