Ferplast Atlas 5 Open Top


The Atlas 5 Open carrying case is ideal for cats and very small dogs, ensures safe and comfortable transportation and lets you see the animal inside through the panoramic roof. It is perfect for all those times when you need to transport your pet and thanks to its small size it is also ideal for carrying around rabbits and large rodents like ferrets, rats, chinchillas and guinea pigs. 

Made of plastic, Atlas 5 Open has a plasticized metal door and roof that detaches. It comes with a safe and robust fastening system that holds the upper and lower parts together made up of a clasp at the back and two hooks at the front. There is an ergonomic handle on the top so that you can easily carry the case, while the grids along the sides make sure that enough air travels through the interior. It is easy to store away when not in use and easy to take apart and reassemble for cleaning purposes. 

    Dimension: 28 x 41,5 x h 26 cm