F10 Germicidal Treatment Shampoo (250ml)

F10 Germicidal Treatment Shampoo (250ml)

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The F10 Germicidal Treatment Shampoo is used for treatment yeast (Malassezia) and fungal conditions, such as ringworm.  It also helps to control superficial bacteria infections.  Uniquely antiviral, it is also useful post parvovirus infection.

IndicationsSkin conditions of bacterial, fungal or viral origin of all ages. This dermatological preparation can be used as a skin treatment as well as to prevent infection.


  • Bacterial infections: Dermatitis & Pyoderma associated with gram-positive (Staphylococcus spp) and gram-negative (Pseudomonas spp) organisms.
  • Fungal infections: Dermatophytosis associated with Microsporum can’s.
  • Yeast infections: Malasseziasis.
  • Viral infections: Removal of CPV particles from dog skin and coat post recovery.

ANTIMICROBIAL ACTION: The antimicrobial action of the preparation is based upon the proprietary branded F10 compound. The mechanism of action of F10 is derived from those of each component taken separately, in addition to those due to the additive synergistic action of all components combined. At the concentrations in the product F10 has been assessed as giving a > log’ reduction in microbial counts against gram positive and gram negative bacteria; fungi, yeasts and moulds. The group of keratinophylic fungi is very large, but only two genera, known as dermatophytes, are known to cause disease (“ringworm”) in animals. The genera involved are Microsporum spp, and Trichophyton spp. At the concentration in the product F10 GERMICIDAL TREATMENT SHAMPOO was found to be effective in a contact time of at least 15 minutes, however three repeat treatment applied every other day is the recommended treatment protocol.

Size: 250ml