Bunny Nature Tasty Water Peppermint (10g)

Bunny Nature Tasty Water Peppermint (10g)

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Bunny Nature Tasty Water Peppermint water additive for rabbits & rodents
  • Water additive for rabbits & rodents
    To increase the intake of water
  • A natural method of encouraging a higher intake of water
    Particularly beneficial for the bladder and the kidneys
  • Easy to measure
    Due to the globules form and dissolves easily in water
  • 5% more water intake

Water is vital for the body - both for people and for animals. There are even some small mammals that aren’t “keen on drinking water” either. An undersupply of water can cause health problems.

tasty Water can provide a solution for this - available in two flavours. It motivates those that are “not keen on water” to increase their intake of fluid in a natural way. This is particularly good for the bladder and the kidneys. A tasty highlight in form of water soluble globules that have a positive effect.

Ingredient: Sucrose, peppermint oil

Feeding Guide: 2 globules tasty Water Peppermint to 250ml lukewarm water dissolved in a water bottle or provide a water bowl available to animals. Prepare fresh water daily.


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