Bunny Nature goVet Uroplex


Supplementary feed for dwarf rabbits and guinea pigs

A balanced diet is essential for the health of your pygmy rabbit or guinea pig, especially during their current life stage. goVet Uroplex is a supplementary feed developed and recommended by veterinarians. It assists in covering additional special requirements and has a supportive enhanced nutritional effect. The coordinated combination of carefully selected components gives you the assurance that you are providing your pet with an ideal diet. If you still have questions about the product or the goVet line, please speak with your veterinarian or contact us directly.     

    • Low-calcium

      Low-calcium grasses ensure reduced calcium content

    • Stabilised vitamin C

      Increases the amount of liquid intake and urination - promotes the flushing of the bladder

    • Stinging nettle leaves

      The natural active agents have an analgesic, diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect

    • Lovage leaves, parsley root, spiney rest harrow root, birch leaves

      The natural essential oils contained therein increase urination

    • quality guarantee

      We guarantee the use of high-grade raw materials as well as their optimum quality and careful processing - for the well-being of your pet.


growth of permanent meadows (timothy, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, ryegrass, red fescue, bluegrass, bentgrass, tall oat grass, golden oat grass, white clover, red clover, birdsfood trefoil, Dandelion, silverweed, chickweed, yarrow, ribwort), oat peel bran, sunflower seed extracted, malt germ, oat flakes, linseed extracted, fruit pomace, birch leaves (1,5%), Stinging nettle leaves (0,75%), spiney rest harrow root (0,75%), thyme, parsley root (0,5%), lovage leaves (0,5%), black currant (0,25%), juniper berries

Additives per kg

Nutritional additives

Vit. A 8.400 IE ∙ Vit. D3 600 IE ∙ Vit. E / all rac-alpha-tocopherylacetate 50 mg ∙ Vit. C as ascorbylmonophosphate, calcium-sodium-salt 600 mg ∙ copper as copper (II)-sulphate, pentahydrate 5,1 mg ∙ iodine as calcium iodate, hexahydrate 0,76 mg ∙ iron as iron (II)-sulphate, monohydrat 42,5 mg ∙ zinc as zinc oxide 51 mg ∙ manganese as manganese (II)-oxide 34 mg ∙ selenite as sodium selenite 0,15 mg

Analytical constituents

crude protein 13% · crude oils and crude fats 2,6% · crude fibre 18,5% · crude ash 7,0% · calcium 0,6% · phosphorous 0,4%

Feeding guide

 Dwarf rabbits 10g – 20g per day (1–2 tablespoons) • Guinea pigs 10g per day (1 tablespoon)

Recommended feeding period: 2–3 weeks

Feeding advice: Do not feed to pregnant pets or pets with heart or kidney problems.

Size: 300gm