Bunny Nature goVet FibreSlim


Complete food for dwarf rabbits

As a basic diet, goVet FibreSlim meets and extensively covers the requirements of your rabbit during this life stage. The requirements-oriented formula is the basis for a special diet and the diet-related maintenance of your pet's health. The combination of a variety of precious plants with additional carefully selected natural components gives you the lasting assurance of providing your rabbit with an ideal diet. If you still have questions about the product or the goVet line, please speak with your veterinarian or contact us directly.     

  • Balanced recipe

    Raw material combinations tailored to the needs of your pet
    to maintain health

  • Inulin from chicory

    Pre-biotic to support the intestinal flora

  • high crude fibre content

    The high percentage of green plants and valuable lignocellulose, amongst others, provide your rabbit with optimum fibre content

  • Pectins

    The pectins contained in carrot pomace regulate digestion; ß-carotene strengthens the immune system

  • low crude fat content

    Energy reduction of the ration thanks to an optimum combination of raw materials

  • Milk thistle seeds

    Contains a high level of linoleic acid to stabilise the immune system, sylmarin to protect the liver and much more

  • quality guarantee

    We guarantee the use of high-grade raw materials as well as their optimum quality and careful processing - for the well-being of your pet.

  • energy-reduced



Growth of permanent meadows (timothy, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, ryegrass, red fescue, bluegrass, bentgrass, tall oat grass, golden oat grass, white clover, red clover, birdsfood trefoil, Dandelion, silverweed, chickweed, yarrow, ribwort), oat peel bran, carrot pomace (9,5%), semolina bran, sunflower seed extracted, timothy, linseed extracted, lignocellulose (2,5%), chicory powder (inulin 0,54%), Milk thistle seeds (0,25%)

Additives per kg

Nutritional additives
Vit. A 10.000 IE ∙ Vit. D3 700 IE ∙ Vit. E / all rac-alpha-tocopherylacetate 60 mg ∙ copper as copper (II)-sulphate, pentahydrate 6 mg ∙ iodine as calcium iodate, hexahydrate 0,9 mg ∙ iron as iron (II)-sulphate, monohydrat 50 mg ∙ zinc as zinc oxide 60 mg ∙ manganese as manganese (II)-oxide 40 mg ∙ selenite as sodium selenite 0,18 mg

Analytical constituents

crude protein 11,5% · crude oils and crude fats 2,3% · crude fibre 22% · crude ash 7% · calcium 0,6% · phosphorous 0,4%

Feeding guide

Feed for a period of up to 3 months until the desired body weight has been reached.

1st week 35g per kg bodyweight

2nd week 30g per kg bodyweight

3rd week 25g per kg bodyweight

In addition, provide high-quality hay daily – e.g. Bunny FreshGrass Hay – and fresh water.

After the desired body weight has been reached switch feed to RabbitDream BASIC, HERBS or ORAL

Size: 1.2kg