Asan Pet Silver Ecological Litter For Small Pets (42l)

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  • for more efficient hygiene with antibacterial effects of colloidal silver
  • no dust, airborne allergens or added perfumes – suitable also for sufferers of asthma or allergies
  • excellent absorption of odours and moisture
  • most reliable litter in the market in terms of hygiene


  • Asan litter efficiently eliminates odour from around the cage or breeding box.
  • Asan is 99% without any dust or airborne allergens. This makes it suitable also for breeders who suffer from an allergy or asthma.
  • It absorbs moisture and locks it inside with maximum efficiency. It works from the bottom and the litter surface thus remains dry and pleasant to your pet´s touch at all times.
  • The litter is really lightweight and easy to handle, even by children. The litter does not create moist slime the traces of which are hard to remove from the flooring.
  • Asan saves household expenditures thanks to the less frequent need for litter replacement.
  • Asan litter is safe for the pets you keep, as well as for the household members. Certified by ÚSKVBL.
  • Asan is environmentally friendly. It is produced by recycling and it is 100% degradable. It is easy to dispose of – in a toilet, compost pile or bio-waste containers.

Size: 42l

Direction:  Fill the cage for rodents with a layer of litter about 3 cm high and spread it evenly at the cage bottom. After use, dispose of the litter by flushing it in a toilet bowl or composting. The service life of litter is directly proportionate both to the cage size and to the number and age of the pets.

Tip: Asan Pet litter proved excellent also when breeding other animals – exotic birds, animals in terraria or vivaria.