Bunny Nature DiggingBox And DiggingFun Sand-Mix

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Dig, dig, dig – that is a rabbit's favourite and most natural occupation!

And that is exactly what they can do in the spacious DiggingBox from bunnyNature! Here they can pursue their natural behaviour to their hearts' desire and simply “be rabbits” – without getting the whole area dirty.

Simply tip the DiggingFun Sand-Mix from bunny into the DiggingBox and off your rabbit can go – he will have plenty to do. Your rabbit will roll around to maintain his coat or diligently push the sand from one corner to another to create a comfortable dip to relax in.

You will quickly see the DiggingBox become your rabbit's new favourite place. Boredom is a thing of the past!


  • simple slot system
  • encourages natural behaviour
  • spacious
  • birch wood

  • Size: 50 x 39 x 19.5 cm


    The DiggingFun Sand-Mix from bunnyNature gives your pets the greatest digging fun – recommended by rabbits and bunny tested!

    • Encourages natural behaviour
    • Loose sand mix
    • Pleasant for paws
    • Recommended by rabbits
    • Lovely and cool in summer
    • bunny
    Weight : 9.7kg